AquaLife Costa Rica

AquaLife Costa Rica is a company dedicated to the Design, Construction, and Remodeling of Swimming Pools and SPAS. We specialize in Leak Detection and Repairs. We are the only company nationwide specialized in the detection and repair of leaks. We offer you the latest in LED and fiber optic lighting articles, internal finishes, disinfection systems based on copper and salt ions, gas and electric heaters (heat pump), among others.

We are a Costa Rican company with more than 16 years of experience dedicated to the design and construction of swimming pools and spas.

We specialize in the detection and leaks repair. We use equipment specially designed for this purpose which allows us to provide a guarantee for our work. The effectiveness is 100%.

Our staff is certified as BP (Builder Professional) and CPO (Certified Pool Operator), this in order to provide a professional service of high quality.

We are members of the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) and the NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation). These international entities regulate the professional practice, quality standards and safety in everything related to swimming pools and spas. This allows us to maintain a constant update in our field.

We are continuously innovating and improving our services and products, always looking for more efficient equipment in hand with the environment.

We work with the best and most recognized brands in the American market, which allows us to provide a real guarantee on all our products and services.

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