The Kidney Shaped Fiberglass Spa

Welcome to your new outdoor oasis! The Royale Spa is wonderfully designed with soothing curves and a soft touch. Apply some landscaping and it’ll blend right into your backyard & create the soothing outdoor oasis your mind and soul needs. Designed to become the perfect outdoor escape, the Royale Spa is very popular for stand alone spas (shown above) or paired with one of our fiberglass pool designs.

The Royale Spa is designed with a Kidney Shaped layout. This gives the Royale Spa some smooth curves that aren’t too loud along with a unique seating arrangement. Rather than make all bathers face the middle – the Royale Spa gives an intimate feel that allows you to relax in your own privacy or close enough to converse with friends.

Wide Enough for 6 Bathers

The Royale Spa is wide enough to hold up to six bathers. It’s a great option for home owners looking to entertain family and guests for holidays, BBQs or any outdoor event. It provides plenty of bench seating with a bench that wraps around the entire spa.

You’ll enjoy sprucing up its design with unique spa jets as well as additional features, such as: LED lighting, Deck Jets, an Outdoor Stereo and much more!

Great Add-On To a Fiberglass Pool

If you’re looking for an excellent add-on to any of our fiberglass swimming pools, you’ve found it! The Royale Spa is unique in its design and beautifully accents any of our fiberglass swimming pools. Because the Royale Spa includes some curved edges, it also pairs excellently with any of our free form designs!

Perfect for Some Elevated Water Features

Lastly, if you enjoy water features, the Royale Spa is your perfect partner for outdoor water effects. Many of our clients elect to add-on a raised grotto or LED lit waterfalls adjacent to the Royale Spa. This gives the Royale Spa a very intimate and private setting due to the raised ledges and rock walls.

The Features

In conclusion, the Royale Spa is the perfect fiberglass spa for anyone seeking to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It includes a unique kidney-shaped design that also pairs well with many of our free form fiberglass swimming pools.

We suggest adding on some water features or raised rock walls to give the Royale Spa an intimate setting. Large enough for 6 bathers, the Royale Spa is the perfect addition to your backyard!

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The Spa Specs

  • Width: 7'
  • Length: 10' 3'
  • Depth: 3' 2'
  • Surface Area: 43 SQFT
  • Volume: 700 Galons
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